(c) September 4, 2013

dog and cat

When she walks in the room

He runs at her

In leaps and bounds

His wet tongue

And furry paws

Cover her in licks and hair

He doesn’t concern himself

If she is wearing her nice outfit

she wishes he did


Not seeing clothes

He only sees her

And when he does

His love detonates

Without calculation

Making a mess

when she values order


When he walks in the room

She is doing her own thing

He knows not to disturb her

that when she is ready

she will come to him

But it’s hard for a dog

To hold back his excitement


Respecting her wishes

Neglecting his own

she is sublime

he is not fine

But he has no other choice

Then to wait until she is ready

To rub up against him

though the odds seem slim


There was a time

He thought she was approaching

but was just passing

And so his awkward wagging tail

Was met with a surgical clawing to his nose


Since then

When she nears

His nervous shake

Betrays him

he never initiates

but patiently waits


After awhile he loses his excitability

The door cracks

And whether lover

or burglar

He sits on his pad

With his head curled

Into his tail

The possibility of

a kiss

or a bullet

Stir him not

soon his refrain

turns to disdain


How a dog fell in love with a cat

And a cat in love with a dog

Is a mystery

That could result in a

breaking of the barriers…


or a dog afraid to be a dog

and a cat who wishes

he were a cat


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