© May 26, 2015 by Swami X

Goddess blonde

I prayed daily to the beautiful deity in my mind
longing to…
touch her
taste her
…but my thoughts
slipped through my fingers like sand

one day
my heart was so full
that it created a container for my mind to fill
and when I went to my altar for my daily prayer
sitting on the cushion–
there she was!

I stood frozen
scared to speak
for fear that my words would shatter her delicacy back to formless

slowly she turned to me
and when our eyes met
I felt a surge rise through me
struck with a lightning bolt
my legs abandoned their strength
as I dropped to my knees
and my head dropped
in supplication

my forehead rested on her lap
soft as a gossimer pillow
as a tear of bliss
left the corner of my eye
and washed her feet

she placed one hand on my head
and I was twice struck
about to collapse flat
until her other hand
cradled my chin
and lifted me
with the tenderness
that the wind lifts a feather

face to face
in alignment
our barriers dissolved
and now she was inside of me
she smiled
and I was no more
only love remained

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