© April 27, 2015

DSCN0407instead of a question of spirit

i solicited my teacher a question of love

          not realizing they are one

she said to ask myself:

“can i live without her?”

the noise of my anger thought “yes”

the silence of my soul added

“…but would i want to?”

  babaji 4


i inquired to the immortal yogi

if she were my love

without hesitation




The Longest Ridein a theater

light projection on a screen

laid out where we are…

“it’s amazing how people so close

can become strangers so fast”

and what was needed…

“love requires sacrifice…always.”


art or award

has no value

until looking into the eyes

of the one you love

gives them meaning


i didn’t need help

with a question

whose answer i already knew

i needed my heart to thaw out

from the freeze of anger and ego

so that it could beat once again

and i could give to her anew

what is hers alone to take

SNOWBALL1 - Version 4

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