© October 30, 2016

eyeglow-woman-in-love2   She looked into a heart so sad

And saw what no one ever had

Beneath the snow she saw the Spring

She finds good in everything

Give her thorns and she’ll find the roses

Give her sand and she’ll find the sea

Give her rain and she’ll find the rainbows

Just see the love she found in me

—“The Love She Found In Me” by Gary Morris


Her eyes glow

As if staring into a fire

Orange and yellow flames

Dancing across her pupils




Her face is flushed

Like a woman lying in bed

Blanketed by the afterglow

Of lovemaking



She looks at me like a Greek God

But I am not chiseled perfection

My body is as flawed

As my soul is stained

With errors past, present and future



Others focus on my warts

So I wear them

Like a witch

Riding the broomstick

     of their expectations

As they run away in fear

From the Frankenstein monster

They helped create


eyeglow-leperYet she doesn’t abandon this leper

bathing his body in kindness

soaking his feet in love

washing away his sins

seeing a man of worth

beneath his disfigurement


She sees the soft skin

Beneath the calloused heart

The gift inside of me

Where others see only an empty box

Whether barren or not

her faith in me

fills my field with fullness



Her innocent eyes cannot be corrupted

by misspoken words

or unconscious utterings

She doesn’t close down

when I lapse into insensitive


She sees beyond the surface waves

that come and go

with ebbs and flow

To the depths of the ocean

where hidden in the dark dismal disappointment

resides the sparkling splendor

of Who I Am


Lovers past

Waters grown

Stale and stagnant

No longer supporting

The life of relationship

bored with their beloved

divided and divorced


Her sense of wonder

Is like a brook that always bubbles

Looking upon me

With oxygenated eyes

a honeymoon without end


I don’t deserve her love

But as she continues to warm

The frozen wounds

Of hurts past

I am hopeful that I will love myself once again

And become worthy of her adoration


In the meantime

I will love her

With all the freed fragments

That have healed into wholeness

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