© Tuesday, October 11, 2016







The squeeze of her hand in his

Fit like a silk glove

Now the poetry has gone

only perspiration remains


Carried to the moon

On the fragrance of his fresh kisses

Replaced by a rotting heart

bad breath keeps her earthbound


Comfortable with her

Sitting in silence

Today it feels like fire

burning his bottom


Just thinking about him

Made her smile

Now the corners of her mouth

are held up with safety pins


They pretend for as long as they can

Until pretension turns to poison

Adoration to anger

she tells him she no longer feels the same

he blames her for lack of passion


Where once “I love you”s

And talk of marriage and moving to Mexico

Filled the room like sweet incense

The smoke has dissipated

clearing the space of compassion


Proudly protecting

Care and concern

Used to be the norm

Now words are thrown at the other like darts

penetrating points

harmfully hurting


Neither takes responsibility

For treating the other like a movie screen

Insulting individuality

By projecting

Ugly ideals, wants, desires

onto the beautiful being

standing in front of them


Love kicked to the curb

Waiting to be picked up like trash

with rent in hand

suffering is ready to reside


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