“Unlike me, this posting has balls!”

To My Loyal Readers:

I hope both of you had a nice summer. Due to the Universe pushing me out of a stale situation, I am in the process of expressing myself more fully. Besides the occasional seizure of enlightenment that occurs here, this means that I am getting ready to have a “real” webpage different from this fiction. It will be my online business card so I can throw out my paper business card and make room in my wallet for another dusty condom. I have some great people offering me their help! To be clear, I meant on the webpage and not on stuffing my wallet with condoms.

I will be advertising my services, eventually offering some REBEL YOGI merchandise (I have a cool log that will be great for T-shirts, mugs and tramp stamp tattoos!) Ultimately, I would like to offer more and more writing in the form of physical or electronic books that you can take into your home and teach how to potty train.

I have a temporary home for my new writing at and just posted a new piece today called “J.D. Karma,” which happens to also be my porn name. I had been meaning to get for years and when I finally went to get it the former writer from Late Night with David Letterman by the same name had grabbed it for to publicize his new book Will Not Attend–and we all know “.net” is lame! So I thought I’d grab and authentically say, “This is the writing of Adam Resnick” and see if I can grab some of his traffic, his attention and maybe even a swift kick to the nuts!

But I’d trade all this fame and fortune for just one thing. No, not drugs; I’m a clean-living guy. Not women…well…no–I have a girlfriend who I love! The only thing that my life is lacking at this point is Well, and a job :).


“Swami X”

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