• Yoga

    Combining movement and stillness, flexibility and strength; less gymnastics a­nd more awareness.

  • Kickboxing

    A blend of fitness, self-defense and ­humor. Kick ass, have fun!

  • Personal Training

    Training the whole person and not just a body, with an emphasis on “personal.”

  • Meditation

    Discover ­Who You Are beyond the costumes and conditioning.

  • Reiki

    Energy healing to remove physical and emotional blocks to create balance.

  • Herbal Medicine

    Nature’s medicine chest to heal ­the body and achieve optimum health.

Spirituality & Fitness with Humor

My ideal client or student or audience member is someone who looks like a Barbie, is as tough as a G.I. Joe, and is purple like Barney. But when I am done playing with dolls, I like to surround myself with people who are open to learn, easy to laugh, and ready to transform not only in body but consciousness.

Sound like you? If not, don’t worry—I take money from closed-minded serious people as well!


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