That super spiritual greeting those in the New-Age movement present to each other with folded hands at the end of a yoga class or in passing, has been interpreted as,
“The light in me, sees the light in you”;
“The beauty in me, sees the beauty in you.”
How about, “The @#$% in me, sees the @#$% in you”?
If our eyes are clear enough to see the beauty in ourselves, they can also see the things in us that we might not envision as our highest expression of our Selves.

There is nothing wrong with being flawed. The problem lies when we JUDGE ourselves “bad” or “inferior” or “not spiritual” or “damned to Hell” if we follow one of the “God through guilt” religions.

Perhaps one of the lessons we can take from the teaching stories about the prophets of three religions, Buddha, Jesus and Muhammad, is that whether you think they were perfect or flawed,

THEY STILL LOVED ALL THE FLAWED PEOPLE AROUND THEM and often chose to remain in their company. In a way, it was only the flawed they dealt with and loved so whole-heartedly, either because they sought them out or, more likely, as a teaching lesson that…


  • They didn’t judge them, but loved them.

  • They didn’t leave them, but believed in them.

  • They didn’t deny them, but supplied them.

  • They didn’t walk away, but namaste’d.

In studying the history of natural medicine and its practitioners, I saw that just about every leading healer had some illness that the medical model said was incurable and they came to this dead end–and Kool-Aid Man’d themselves through the wall–and not only become healthy but helped others to become healthy as well. THEIR FLAWS LED THEM TO THEIR GIFTS!

How awesome would it be if we owned our flawfullness? If our parents or anyone tell us, “You are a mess!” and we respond, “Of course! And that is going to be the source of my growth and power.” How about if we start by forgetting forgiving ourselves—because there is nothing to forgive—
and ACCEPT ourselves in our WHOLENESS?

Yes, this is easier said than done. The conditioning is real. But that belief system, that you have to be perfect to be loved, is bullshit. More importantly, it is not yours but a borrowed belief. You are plagiarizing what someone else has said and in the School of Life no one gets an “A” for being a cheap imitation of someone else!

How about we commit to being original? Because only in the original lies the AUTHENTIC SELF. This, to me, defines a REBEL YOGI, not someone who does Downward Dog when the yoga teacher says to do Triangle Pose, but someone who is THEMSELVES when the world is telling them to be something else. Join the REBEL-ution!

The 8th of the 10 Commandments says, “Thou shalt not steal.” Commandment 8A, that was later edited out by scribes, said, “If you are going to steal, at least steal something valuable.”

REFLECTION: What is more valuable than being and expressing your Authentic self?

I love you as you are, you flawed bastard!

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Satya, Brotherhood of the Flawed